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Who is ž

ž (= I live Science) is an apolitical platform with the main original goal: to connect Slovak scientists over the globe in order to mediate their collaboration.

We also want to increase the awareness about the importance of science and technologies among public, as well as political authorities. The support of R&D and education in general, has been constantly insufficient in Slovakia throughout the years, resulting in the marginalisation of science and an enormous brain drain. This means a catastrophe for the society in the long perspective. We are calling for the essential reform of the education system as well as the science policy in our country.

The ultimate result(s) of such reform should be:

  • Radical improvement of conditions for researchers in Slovakia
  • Creation of an opened and collaborative scientific environment motivating not only for Slovak, but also for foreign experts to pursue their careers in Slovakia
  • Rising the quality and competitiveness of Slovak science in European and global context

The platform currently works at several levels:

  • Providing an interactive online “meeting place” for Slovak experts with different backgrounds, career stages and regardless of the country they operate in
  • Contributing to the organisation of events for the popularisation of science (Pochod za vedu – March for Science Slovakia)
  • Running a blog where all the members can publish their insights and suggestions
  • Communicating problems the community has identified in science and education to the Slovak government, especially to the Ministry of education (Initiative “Nie je nám to ukradnuté!”, open letters, meetings with the director of the main Slovak grant agency APVV, meeting with the head of the Committee for education of the Slovak parliament,…)
  • Presenting these problems to media (Slovak TVs and newspapers)
  • Organising the annual conference “Žijem vedu naživo” to enable direct meeting and networking of platform members

Online platform is divided into two main sections:

  • The web page links preferentially Slovak scientists living either in Slovakia or abroad and now has 260 members.
  • The facebook group Zijem vedu has already more than 1100 members and consists of researchers, but also teachers, students, science fans and everyone who likes to help Slovak science and education to survive and progress.

All of this is happening completely on the volunteering base and exclusively within a free time of our members operating in different countries and time zones. We do not have any kind of financial support yet, only a huge enthusiasm and tons of ideas.

If you also want to be part of our community, just sign up at In case you would like to contribute more actively or have a particular idea to share with us, just contact us at You can also join the facebook group Zijem vedu and our Twitter account is @zijemvedu.